Business is about people, about emotions, about care besides technical knowledge and skills.
A cocktail/mocktail of these ingredients.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging things in life. You not only need the technical knowledge for your product or services but need many more skills.
You have to get the work done from others( employees), handle your suppliers and more importantly satisfying your clients. At the same time you need to be a parent, a child, a husband/ wife. It is imperative to learn soft skills and if you have it’s time to revisit. It’s also important to PAUSE and introspect.

A client, an entrepreneur is very polite person with a reasonable business for years and is not able to take to next level with all possible qualifications and technical skills. he was not able to see that he lacks soft skill and his clients have given him feed back that he is not receptive. He had some emotional issues from his past which were having a major impact on his personality.

He is working on that for past 3 months and his business has grown by 10% already. One’s personality can impact business big time.