Do I need a behavioral coach only when I have some problem?

No, a behavioral coach helps even when you don’t have a problem.

I am unhappy? Can a behavioral coach do something?

Yes, a behavioral coach can facilitate you to find out the reason for your unhappiness and bring in the change.

I fear unknown things like attending a training program, can I overcome this?

Yes very much.

Is there an age to go to a behavioral coach?

There is no age, although children aged less than 12 are not recommended.

I am stuck with something? Can a behavioral coach help?

Yes, a behavioral coach can always help, from solving a small problem like my child not listening to me, to a huge crisis like losing a dear one.

I had a heartbreak and I am not able to cope with the trauma.

A behavioral coach can help you recover from a heartbreak and help you become strong. There are various clients I have helped and they are different people now and for good.

I am happy, what can a behavioral coach do for me?

This is in-fact the best time to have a coach. When one is happy, one is open to growth.

I am in my comfort zone. What is in it for me?

“Comfort zones are great places but nothing ever grows there”. A behavioral coach can make you aware about your strengths and make you feel comfortable even outside your comfort zone.

Many a times I don’t understand life and confusion overtakes. Is it possible to have clarity in situations like these?

Yes, a behavioral coach can train you to become calm and composed in such situations.

My subordinate has become my Boss. I am becoming less productive. Can a behavioral coach bail me out of this?

Yes. One of my clients faced a similar situation and today that person is not only out of that messy situation but is more productive than ever.

I am a middle aged woman. I don’t know the purpose of life. It is very monotonous. Can a behavioral coach help me too?

This is a very common issue. I have few clients who have found their purpose of life and are happily making their choices work.

I don’t stay in Delhi, can I get the coaching?

Yes, you can get coaching through phone, skype or a webinar. We are already giving coaching to existing clients through these mediums.

Is a behavioral coach different from a psychologist?


I am hesitant in approaching a behavioral coach, what should I do?

I suggest we speak on the phone first.

If I seek coaching, does it mean I am crazy?

Not at all. A couch can help you go to the next level from where you are.

Will anyone know about what I say to you?

No, the conversation is highly confidential

What should I bring when I come and see you?

Only yourself.