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Behavioral coaching is to reflect appropriate behavior to enhance the real you. It is not about changing you or fining faults in your behavior. Profession and situation has also to do a lot about your behavior. Aggressive behavior can be strength for a litigation lawyer but could be deterrent to a flight attendant.

Outer behavior is what others can see. It is displayed by words, gestures, body language, facial expressions, tone, words used etc. Inner behavior is a person’s thinking process, attitude, background, values, beliefs etc. Whilst people work more on outer behavior, Egnahc emphasize on inner behavior. It requires an expert to find inner behavior.

A training program can change your out behavior and is short lived, whereas working on inner behavior is not a day’s training, it requires continuous intervention and has a lifelong impact.

What can a behavioral coach do?

  • Entrepreneurs, who hire coaches either want to develop new skills and behaviors or need an external unbiased support to drive initiatives like culture building, developing talent, aligning top teams, business transformation etc.
  • At an organizational level, leadership coaching can help transform the organization’s culture, structures, and patterns of decision-making, leading to organizational rejuvenation.

A behavioral coach can

  • Understand who you are.
  • Help generate behavioral change.
  • Bring a new or re-framed vision or set of goals.
  • Help you understand what kind of person you want to be.
  • Reinforce beliefs and values.
  • Detoxify external noises.

Help you become happy.While therapy mostly focuses on the past, behavioral coaching helps you grow into who you want to become by using your aspirations and key strengths, encouraging habit changes in your daily life, committing you to action and focusing on the future.