I was so damn angry and hurt when my subordinate became my boss. I was so irritated that it started affecting my health. My family was surprised to see me like this. I could not leave the job. A friend asked me to see Suman, I was reluctant but frustrated and hence went to see her. It took her just 8 sessions to bring me back to myself.

— A professional whose subordinate became his boss

I had everything in life but I wasn’t happy. I used to go for cooking classes before getting married. After marriage I was told to stay home, due to which all my time was spent on others. After growing up, my children went abroad for higher studies. I didn’t have any motivation in life and felt sad most of the time. One day, my Bhabhi gave me Suman’s number and forced me to call her.

— A housewife who was lonely

DonePull is an organization providing a wide range of staffing services. We specialize in saving time lost in recruitment process of decision makers of our clients including entrepreneurs and top management of multi-national corporations. Our unique 2 level recruitment process and interview panel aims at making the recruitment process simple and enjoyable. Our team consisting of chartered accountants, techies, lawyers, corporate secretaries and MBAs is committed towards providing the highest quality of service and satisfaction to our clients. change. One of our team member was always confused and seemed to carry over a lot of stress all the time from personal life. This was also beginning to effect efficiency at workplace for the concerned. I personally tried to understand the issue and help the person, however it did not yield results. Thereon my team member contacted Suman Manuja of Egnahc Initiative on my recommendation for a counseling session. We would like to place on record our appreciation for Suman Manuja for her counseling session with my team member. What may have been a simple counseling session for Suman, turned out to be major emotional milestone for my team member. The concerned person is more focused and cheerful and understands how to deal with problems in better way. This has improved atmosphere at our workspace as well. Having experienced power behavioral coaching from Egnahc Initiative, we feel confident to recommend Suman for to our connects.

— Namit Nagar, Donepull

Incept Projects & Services is a company established in 2008 by Hardip Singh, who has closely been associated with the interior design & project execution field for more than Two decades. We at incept Projects & Services provide complete solutions which include creative, value engineered solutions for making a commercial space our clients across India. I connected Suman Manuja of Egnahc Initiative into behavioural coaching to Brij Mohan, name changed for confidentiality has given a testimonial for her sessions done with him. He said,’’ One is able to share the authentic and deepest conversations with another when a sense of true empathy coupled with wisdom and clean listening is made available by the listener which I got when I met Suman. I wish to put on record that kind of space made available to me by life coach Ms Suman Manuja was comfortable enough to pour my heart out. I had the privilege of attending her open group workshop as well. I got immensely benefitted in the issues related to my business and personal life. I think besides all that I mentioned starting with, it’s her vast industry experience and a true interest in humans, that makes her such a valuable person for resolving both personal and professional issues. I wish her all the more opportunities to help multitudes seeking support. I highly recommend her to the readers, of this, in need of personalized hand-holding and guidance. We wish Ms Suman Manuja all the very best. We would be honoured to recommend her to any other friends/acquaintance for fulfilling.

— Hardip Singh, Incept Projects & Services Pvt Ltd

I had everything in life but I wasn’t happy. I used to go for cooking classes before getting married. After marriage I was told to stay home, due to which all my time was spent on others. After growing up, my children went abroad for higher studies. I didn’t have any motivation in life and felt sad most of the time. One day, my Bhabhi gave me Suman’s number and forced me to call her.

— A housewife who was lonely

I was going through a breakup and used to cry all the time. My mother forced me to come to Suman Ma’am. I was very angry while sitting in front of her. She made me so comfortable that I felt like talking to her. She not only built my confidence but also made me the person I am today. She is an amazing person.

— A teenager who broke up with her boyfriend

I want to present this testimonial to Suman Manuja, Founder – Egnahc Initiative. Egnahc Initiative is an effort to bring in self-awareness and balance our emotions to be able to handle tough situations and become happy. It intends to bring a change in people’s lives and transform their thoughts, break stereotypes and ultimately make them happy by making them unlearn and then learn. The three verticals are Joy and stress relief, mid-life crises and enhancing emotional strength. My Friend was in one-sided love and was thinking of committing suicide because of the uncontrolled feelings of one-sided love. He was feeling depressed and down and was not happy with life. Suman Manuja, a coach with a right approach, able to help him to take control of his feelings and give him the self-control to live a stable and balanced life. Now he is living a stable life with a stable attitude. I would like to recommend Suman Manuja with confidence to other people I know and wish her all the best for more referrals and business. Thank you, BNI for connecting us.

— Gaurav Arora

Wow! Ms. Suman Manuja It has been a great privilege for Manna Media Hub to be associated with BNI Delhi-South (Mintage Chapter). Manna Media Hub is a three year old media start-up. In a short duration of three years we have been able to bring together a team, which has a combined experience of over 75 years in different creative fields . Our endeavor has been to help a brand to communicate to its audience through our creativity across various platforms – Print, Web, Electronic Media or Digital Media. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere and heartfelt appreciation to BNI Delhi South and in a special way to Ms Suman Manuja for the manner in which she has taken the initiative to handhold me and my firm in the initial years of being with BNI. I and Manna Media Hub in particular value the time she has given to understand our services and refer our firm to various potential clients. I am amazed at her contact sphere, follow-up and the power of her recommendation. Ms Suman Manuja has introduced Manna Media Hub to Meraki Dental Studio and we have been successfully catering to this client for the last one year. More than these, her amazing Leadership and Counselling skills has not only helped me personally but I am sure the whole Mintage Chapter will vouch for it. We wish Ms Suman Manuja and her firm, EGNAHC Initiative all the success in future.

— Antony Job, Manna Media Hub

Aseesha started as a fashion label back in 2016 to cater to tastes of fashion lovers and design enthusiast. The idea behind the brand was to make luxurious products at affordable prices. Our passion lies in intricate handwork, embroidery, different silhouettes, detailing and finishing products with utmost care. Customization is the feature of our brand, if you like some fabric, have got rich embroidered Sarees, Old kept fabrics for which you would like to get Lehangas or suits stitched, got some design which you have always wanted to get it made, we are here to do that for you at Aseesha. I would like to put on record, that I, Sakshi Jain on behalf of my friend, would like to thank Suman Manuja of EGNAHC initiative. My friend had been in an emotional turmoil and was really depressed. She was anxious all the time and was going through major depression due to a failed relationship. I had referred her to Suman about 2 months ago, Suman consulted her over phone as she was not in Delhi, and then later had one-to-one session. My friend has positively come out and is in a much better state. She had other issues which she has recovered from and is full of praises for Suman. I would like to thank on her behalf. I wish Suman Manuja, all the success in her future endeavors and would recommend her for all requirements related to emotional issues among my family and friends.

— Sakshi Jain, Aseesha